Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have blogged in previous blog incarnations about my desire to travel with my three grrrlz before they graduate and move away from my little hovel home. Unfortunately Ms Bliss' bank account is overdrawn and unsympathetic to my needs wants....and doesn't look like it is going to change anytime soon. Well I have some news.....SQUUUEEEEE!

But first some background..... I travelled a lot with my parents as a kid and my perspective of the world was broadened by it. When I say I travelled I mean no resorts or 5 star accommodations. My Mom and Dad were crazy hippies so we camped out on the beach in southern Mexico and sailed through Caribbean and drove throughout the states and Canada camping along the way and rode the Hong Kong subway.

My Mom was an artist so as a kid I was dragged through museums and art galleries. I remember being bored sometimes but thankful now. I mean I was a kid and the idea of a Betty Crocker-esque mother with white bread sandwiches was still appealing to me. My Mom wore no bra and flowing hippie skirts. My Dad was no better in the cookie -cutter Dad department. His hair was longer than mine and usually he had a bandanna wrapped around his head.... But I digress...my main point was travelling and all the perspectives you gain...especially as a kid!

Which leads me to....

My mama, my three daughters, and I are going to Roratonga! Next January and February we will be working on a volunteer project for three weeks in the beautiful South Pacific. We will be teaching English , building trails, and anything else they would like us to do! We work 5 days a week but the weekends are ours to explore or just lay on the beautiful white sand beach if we feel so inclined (and we do!!!!). We are all very excited. It also so happens that my mama will be celebrating her sixtieth birthday while we are there too! The culture is so warm and family oriented ; they will love our multi generational bunch! It is going to be such an experience for all of us. I am hoping I will be able to save enough that we can stay on for another week or two after our volunteer program. Then we would be able to explore more of the islands and have a full-on VACAY!!!!


gotta go get kids to school etc but YAY one more time!!!!



  1. Thanks for stopping by! And yes that is SO COOL!

    Ugh....what I wouldn't give for a little vacay right now.

  2. That sounds perfect. Another YAY! from me.

  3. that sounds awesome. i wish i had the ovaries to just get up and go somewhere like that.