Sunday, May 24, 2009

and the mama lion roared.....

I am really sick and tired of the neighbour's stupid fucking dog barking at nothing early in the morning...Sunday is my sleep in day and this stupid twat (yeah that's right I called the dog a twat...that is the way I roll) barks continuously at the side of my house....I am assuming my bedroom window must really be intimidating or something because it seems to be only thing he is looking at...I have yelled out the window several times at this idiot dog now...I have watched to see what the fuck he is barking at but nope nada...just my bedroom window...stupid fuck....arggghhh

On a completely different note.... I had a really great but somewhat disturbing conversation with my daughters last night...well actually mostly the oldest two although Little B was there too...Kaori told me that she doesn't think her grandmother (my ex's batshit crazy psychotic mother) likes her at all...she then continued to tell me how rudely this fucking cow woman treats her, the mean spiteful things she says to my daughter, the ways in which she excludes her all the while including both her sisters and her cousins....I would have taken this with a grain of salt (even though I am not at all surprised as my ex in-law used to do the same passive aggressive and sometimes blatant shit to me when I was married to her son....ummm RUDE!!!) but Kiki (who is often the voice of reason) substantiated everything that Kaori was telling me.... Kiki said that she has even called her grandmother AND father on their treatment of Kaori.... and then Kiki summed it all up: Kaori looks like a mini me and therefore receives the stellar treatment formerly reserved for only they never see me so poor Kaori gets to suffer the brunt of their disfunction (and that is a whole other post! that family breeds disfunction and addiction like rabbits...which is why I am no longer married to that crazy shite)

Kaori was in tears as she tells me more .....the poor kid was like a dam that was finally bursting!.... she is crying as she tells me that she has felt unloved by her grandmother AND her father for about breaking a mama's heart...if that woman was anywhere near me last night there would have been a brawl...or at least one serious smackdown; that old broad would have gone down fast and hard boooyaah!...the people's elbow would have come down fast and hard on that bitch...jes saying....

In the end I had a really good connecting conversation with the grrrlz...and the grrrlz connected too...we were one big loving, crying, hugging mass of estrogen (lucky for Mr T that he was at work hehehe)...I told Kaori everything that I could : that this was their issue that they were unfairly and cruelly taking out on her, that they did in fact love her but they unfortunately still have a lot of personal and spiritual growth to do, that there is nothing more she can do and that none of their behaviour is her fault, that she has so many other family members (from my side) and even family friends that love her and that she can always count on, I also said that you don't have to like or even love someone because they are blood (but that she should stand up for herself but always remember to be kind...even when others are not), actions speak louder than anything else, you cannot control other people's actions but you can control your own....I finished by telling her that she can always talk to me and that she is always loved...She then said "I always feel loved by you, Mom....and Mr T too. He is more of a dad than I have ever had." This mama then became a blubbery mess...I guess that grrrl is a lot like me!

Other than that shite...this weekend was wonderful and I'll prolly tell y'all about it in another post because right now this chiquita needs to dig in her garden!

loooky looky how cute those kids could anyone treat that sweet face badly?



  1. Oh, I feel for the girl... My mother's stepmother once said "You'd think that having 3 daughters, I'd have had some grandchildren...." My cousin and I "didn't count" because we were both adopted. I can count on one hand the number of times I ever saw that set of grandparents.

    But to treat a grandchild poorly because of how you feel about their parent. Wrong and as you said (Bon Qui Qui Style) RUDE!

  2. Why can't we all just be sweet? Huh? What's wrong with that?
    Glad you and your girls can connect the way you can. That's EVERYTHING.

  3. I hate it when alleged adults can't act like grown-ups. Especially when it matters the most.

    I'm glad you reassured your daughter the way you did. Brava, Mama Lioness!