Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Annoyances part 1....

What's the deal with bragging?

I don't get it. The only time you can really get away with truly bragging is when you truly deserve to brag and even then only with friends and family do you get to brag...that is unless you want to come off as a pretentious arrogant ass.

Yet we all know those people who don't shut up about themselves and all of their fabulous achievements. Do they not realize that their accomplishments are now eclipsed by their lack of humility and grace?

Which brings me next to sarcasm.

Sarcasm can be amusing; it can make a point with humour. It can also be a thin guise for rudeness and cruelty. You know...when people say snide remarks and then finish with "just kidding!". HA! I don't think so...I think you meant that snarky statement but you just didn't want to get caught actually being a total asshole!

Well...that should be enough ranting for today.

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