Friday, May 15, 2009

Random thoughts...

I actually don't mind doing the dishes...I get to look out the window ....and I love having the kitchen counters all clean....dishes drying in the rack is laundry on the line

I am thinking I want some Restalyn...not tons just mostly for the line across the forehead and the two little ones between my eyebrows (yep it is as attractive as it sounds)...maybe for my birthday...

I am really happy that Mr T got his Bob Vila on and spent days and hours hauling in soil and raking and levelling and seeding and fertilizing and I am sure that by the end of the summer the backyard lawn will look amazing .....but.....I am so fucking tired of looking at dirt (see photos below) I spend a lot of time in the yard playing in the gardens and now I have to stay off the seeded dirt.....and gardening makes me happy and I need a little help with staying happy and not stressed right about now.....why the fuck didn't we get sod?

I am impatient...I hate waiting...I am getting better at it as I get older but now I have the added pressure of getting older...*sigh*

I daydream way too much...I was reading a magazine article about the ridiculous pay increases CEOs of huge companies are receiving...a lot of these companies have been doing abysmally yet their bigwigs are rolling in the dough...makes me sick as I struggle anyways back to the daydreaming....after reading this article I fantasized a whole scenario in which I wrote a letter to each of these CEOs explaining my financial difficulty and then asking for $1000 to help...really I only need $10000 to completely be out of debt (other than the mortgage) and then I can get by on my meager of course in my daydream scenario the CEOs all give me cash, my debt is paid, and my lawn is green

I need to drink more water....I have been keeping my stresses at bay with coffee and vodka....note to self : more water asap



  1. Here you are! I thought you might have gone on a blogging hiatus. I'm so glad you left me a comment so I could find you. You're now on my Google reader so I can catch up. {{{hugs}}}

  2. Yeah, girl, you need to stop moving around and going private and then un-private. I can't keep up! I'm not very good at updating my reader or anything else for that matter, so stay put for a while, will ya.

    I want some R shot between my eyebrows and into my incredibly furrowed brow, too, but I'm a big, fat chicken! I really hope your grass grows quickly. I know what you mean about being sick of looking at dirt.

  3. I am not really into nature or anything, but there is something really sad about that garden :(


    Ok, I think the above is a link to my new blog. Feel free to drop by whenever you want.

    I want some Restyln too!
    the former MYS - now Hope

  5. I am a botox girl, yet to try the restalyn.. perhaps someday.

    Sod is the shizzle.

    Patience is definitely a learned thing. I learn that everyday...