Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life is good

I read Ms Moon's post from the other day over a couple times...and not only only because I am enamored with the sweet southern lilt of her descriptives as they spread across my computer screen...she has a way of writing that draws me in and makes me wanna curl up in a big ole rocking chair on her front porch and smell the wisteria wafting in the warm thick Florida air...

Something she wrote the other day just keeps resonating in me....she said she felt that she could have always done better as a mom... this amazingly loving and caring and seemingly sensible woman even doubted herself at times!

That is what I struggle with as a mother...I have struggled for so long trying to be both a mama and a papa to my grrrlz...I often wish I could do more for them, work less, play more etc etc...It is strange

Anyways I read Ms Moon's words and realized we are all fallible and we all wish we had done more and who knows maybe we could have...but all in all I have shown and given love and direction to my babies....could I do more?...maybe but I am happy my grrlz are happy and life is good

And on a related note...My oldest daughter is 15 today....15 years that is some crazy shit!!!...she is quirky and scatterbrained and kind and so musical and she loves her mama....I am is good

And on a completely different note...Mr. T (my honey) has decided this year to go gung ho on the lawn....what is with men and grass?...anyways he did jackhammer out the RV pad taking up a fair chunk of our backyard and hauled the debris away... he also has spread about 20 square yards of chicken manure and soil all over the yard (oh yeah after he aerated it) and now he is seeding and fertilizing! am tired watching him hahahaha... summer is coming and this grrrl can't wait!!!! lilies are sprouting, my irises are budding, and there are still a couple daffodils blooming! is good

Happy mother's day to y'all!


  1. Ms. Bliss- I did not know you had moved! So here you are and I have found you and thank you so much for the sweet words about me.
    I'm so glad you have a lovely new home for your voice.
    Smooches to you.

  2. i hear ya... every time i go out and enjoy myself for a night out with friends, i always come home and feel guilty that i didnt spend the time with my little one. I dont do it often, but i know he will be small for only so long, and i dont want to miss anything..