Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bad dreams...

I have been fighting off a bit of depression lately...just feeling a bit anxious I guess...we are looking at a bit of a slow summer at work and I hate that feeling of financial pressure....feeling a bit wierd and insular after the friend another close friend is drinking a bit too much and is starting to deny it....worry worry worry

Which brings me to my real question today....

If you had a dream in which someone extremely close to you dies, would you tell them about the dream?

I haven't and I think I haven't because to say it out loud would be to put it out to the universe to act on (yeah i know...flaky flaky)....which btw the dream was extremely real; I woke up sobbing and have felt icky in my heart all day...In fact my eyes are welling up remembering how I felt in the dream...omg I just realized I didn't say who the dream was about....Mr T! my sweetie my love

Anyhoo bloggy world, what would you do?


  1. Either I would not tell him or I would say something like, "I love you so much that when I had a terrible dream about you it made me feel terrible all day long."
    Or something along those lines. I do not think it's a warning. It's part of your anxiety.

  2. I tend to think that your depression/anxiety is infringing upon your dream life. I doubt this is prophetic, though. Your mind knows what bothers you and plays on that. And no, I probably wouldn't tell someone I had a dream about them meeting their end. (Unless it became a very specific and recurring dream, then I might mention it as a caution to them).

  3. Thank you both...I think I just needed reassurance that I was predicting imminent doom...haha(sort of)

  4. Dreaming someone dies means that someone else is going to be born. That's what I have read in every dream book I have picked up. It doesn't necessarily mean that person in your dream will be pregnant (lots of times its a man) but someone else in your world will.
    Also I think, from personal experience, death and birth dreams are not literal, it could be the death of something, like a relationship or anything...