Monday, May 18, 2009


It really pisses me off when I make dinner and no one actually says thanks...instead I get "what is this?" "yeah, it tastes kinda bad".....ummmm listen up kid that is the same pasta tossed with olive oil, garlic, basil, and frickin' Parmesan that you "LOVED" last week!...ummm RUDE!!!

It also really pisses me off when people are rude to other people simply because they are in a service in point #1 : I stood behind a lady today at the grocery who berated the cashier when she told the lady her coupon had expired (LAST YEAR!)...the customer yelled at the cashier saying she always brings in expired coupons and no one has ever told her that before...she then has the nerve to say loudly (to who I don't know) "these foreigners (the cashier was Asian) don't even know how to read the regulations (ummm...the coupon regulations? WTF?)....I then had to step in and tell the ignorant bitch customer that I would appreciate it if she would keep her racist views to herself...oh yes I did! Nothing sets me off more than condescending bigots!...but really RUDE!!!...btw after all was said and done the snotty cow customer then took ten minutes to write a frickin cheque...I mean come on, who still writes cheques?...this isn't Mayberry, people!

And since I'm on a roll here...what is up with people who are willing to get off their
ass to search the entire room for the damn TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change it manually...just saying

I could go on but I better quit now before I scare you all away. I will however leave you with a little Bonquiqui to tell it like it is....just as a reference point as RUDE!!!! has become a part of the Bliss vocabulary....


  1. Your unappreciated dinner reminds that when the boys used to ask, “What’s for dinner?” I’d often respond with, “Never mind.” When they questioned my response, I’d explain, “If I tell you now, I’ll hear groaning twice - now and when it’s served. Once is enough.”
    They no longer ask. ;)

    (thanks for the visit)

  2. I knew I liked you... Bonquiqui Rox!!

    My mom once told my stepsister "you don't like what I made for dinner, there's a restaurant down the street..." (Said stepsister was in her mid-20's at the time...) But that stopped the complaints dead. (The implication for your kids would be "and you can't afford the restaurant so y'all had better eat what is on your plate!"

  3. Good for you for standing up for the cashier. The balls of some people never cease to amaze me!

  4. Good for you for saying something to the bigot, because yeah.

    But I gotta tell you that (a) sometimes I write checks and (b) my dvd player doesn't work without the remote.

  5. When my son is a jerk about the food I make, I sometimes make him eat extra for being rude. Generally I try to make him food that I know he enjoys. There's no cause for being an ass.

    And I am with you when people are rude when they think they are entitled to having the rules broken for them. Yuck.

  6. I'm so glad you put that lady in her place. I'm sure it was the last thing she expected. That's why you're the shit, Bliss.

    Oh, and sorry to say but I'm the person who calls the rescue squad when I can't find the remote. Usually, it never even dawns on me to just manually change it. That's how bad it is. I know, I know.

    Man, Boniqui is always good times.

  7. I was totally wondering if you were channeling Bob Qui Qui with, "Umm..rude."
    I'm so glad you were. That just warms my heart.
    I love me some Bon Qui Qui, "Oh, is that what you had said?"

  8. Aww sucks nobody thanks you.. I guess we just take stuff for granted. Teach them a lesson by not cooking dinner one day lol

    As for the retard at the cashier. A lot of people are just stupid like that. They think that how much money in your pocket determines your worth as a human...

  9. And people seem to be getting ruder! I'm glad you stepped in and said something! Most people wouldn't! READ THE COUPON YOU IDIOT!! Maybe that customer was my student's mom? Seems like they might be related....

  10. no room for rudeness - good for you for taking care of yourself!!!

  11. People can really suck. And um, pass me some of that pasta. I'm eating for two and I will rave about it!!!! ;)

  12. I'm with Jules. People really are getting more RUDE these days. I make that meal for my son all the time, and it's one of the few he never complains about. The more he complains about what I make, the more I make him eat, though. He's finally catching on and keeping it to himself ;)